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I want my art to make a difference


If the sky is your limit, we make you see the stars

The Milky Way, home of billions of billions of stars from all sizes exhibiting a vast variety of colors and structures, proves once again that the Universe conceives the best designs. Pursuing the same outcome, Milky Way Creative Design Studio is packed with billions of creative ideas that are waiting to be colored with beauty. The creative brains at our studio bring these ideas to reality, simplifying the process of designing from one's head to paper, thereby meeting and enriching our clients' vision. We aim for the simple and clean beauty, something that makes you relax the moment you lay eyes on it. We find inspiration in simple things, such as good music, poetry, a line from a book, a scene in a movie or the old man reading the paper.

The lines drawn at our studio are not boundaries, limits or borders of its creativity; they present the blueprints of our ideas which expand towards their

infinite creativity. From the early dot to the full universe, from one color to the full spectrum, the Milky Way Creative Design Studio originates a dynamic spirit, as the life inside the studio mirrors the actual Milky Way galaxy. Our designers are the brains who have always been on the edge of the rules of art to expand them, if not break them. They are responsible for sparkles in your eyes as soon as you experience the life inside our art. Cherishing every line we put in paper we love what we do and so will you.

How we do it:
You think global, we create Universe.

Simplicity is our philosophy. The Milky Way Creative Design Studio's work is natural to the eye, conform our clients' vision and agrees with our identity. Altogether it causes strong emotions, making us the unique studio in town. We listen to the clients the way we listen to music, we read their thoughts the way we read books and we see them the way we see a beautiful painting. Our

force of creativity lies on those grounds as it is easier for us to come up with our own art when our ideas comply with our clients' needs.

The Milky Way Creative Design Studio helps clients find what they are seeking. We put our work to life as it moves in the same direction with the clients. An image or a brand of a design is worthless if the client doesn’t identify himself or herself with it. The client's vision is our path to our creativity. As complicated as it might sound, our studio simplifies this vision, clarifies it and with utmost care it draws, colors and shapes this vision until the client sees themselves on it.

The Milky Way Creative Design Studio is a friendly neighborhood. At our studio one will find sincere hospitality, lovely staff and caring environment who love the world of art. Therefore, we invite you in our journey to infinity, to universe, to the point where you can finally see the splendid Milky Way.
See you soon folks.


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You can find us with cups of coffees in our hands at:

Just around the corner, in front of you, behind you or aside you. Up in the hill or down the valley.
Still couldn't find us, check your maps and type it down:

Address: Gazmend Zajmi Str.
10000, Prishtine

Phone: +381 (0)38 752 333
+386 (0)49 752 333


Don't worry we always have spare cups for you.

P. S. Don't forget to bring tissues, our work might be touching.